Tuesday, December 24, 2013

-->>> Travel Back to SwedenThe

Vacation: October 31 2013: 

First Stop: Xiamen, China. It was a boring place, the airport was the worst thing i have seen since I have learned to travel abroad. The net was not even free for passengers and standby people waiting for the next flight. If you are a foreigner, you must have a china mobile number registered before you can get into the net. Otherwise, your phone and your tablet or any sorts of communication gadget is useless. The food however is indulging, yet expensive. yeah, I am glad somehow on my trip that I met people. On my journey, I flew with the China Southern Airlines. The worst of the company was that the flight attendants were not even good in english. The stewardess was speaking of some flight instructions before the plane will take off, she says ''da ehplen well naw tekof, ples fessen every sitbelt'' hahah thats the way she pronounced it though.. Instead of saying 'the aircraft will now take off, please fasten your seatbelt.''
The food was great, I had pain in stomach coz I took too much coffee.
Stop in Xiamen was a great blessing from the Lord. I met a couple from Philippines whom were working in the UK. The good thing in the Airline compnay was that they offered a free hotel while we will wait for the next flight in about 7hours or so, Im not so sure at the time. Well, we got a nice glimpse through China when we went to the hotel provided by the airline. 
The hotel receptionist booked each of the passengers by two's. So because I was alone, I got a roommate, A girl named Charisse. I saw her and looked frightened, but I felt the calling from God that I must speak with her. And then we went into the room without much word from each other. She lied on bed while I observed her, she looked like she think too much but i didnt bother. The I broke the silence and said, i will go take a shower. She nodded in agreement.The bathroom was funny, toilet is so near the shower side. there was a bathfoam and a shampoo on the edge of the shower button. I wonder whats the purpose of the foam coz there was no bathtub. Then when I turned on the shower, the water on the floor starts to get up to my feet up to my kneel. then I laughed and tried to tell that to my roommate. she was smiling then. I saw her smile was freely given. She was adorable. I liked her. Until We spoke to each other in amazement as I opened up my computer playing some gospel music. I was afraid she would reject from hearing the sound, but was delighted when she commented that it was a nice music. it was playing the Casting Crowns 'who am I'. Until we end up sharing each others lives and stories. almost about God, about lovelife and curiosity. well, it went good, but we could not sleep. Could not even touch the tea bag coz it cost and so we luckily I opened up my bag and I saw my chocolate drink which i warmed up for me and her.
Anyways, on these journey, i have learned that God's calling was merely pure calling and pure purpose.I am glad I met these couples where I have shared the word of God and shared a little bit of happiness in me. I have learned that no matter where we come from, and what walk of life we live, we might not never know what might going to happen. until it will just be a click and then you'll find yourself standing on someones door.My emotions was very great, coz I am blessed by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I praye for those whom I have travelled with to keep in their heart what they have learned that day we met. May God cover them with the holy precious blood and keep them in sight always. 
here are the Pictures.
Afternoon sunset in China

The way to the Airline hotel

That wonderful lady Charisse..

ME and her sharing the room, a chitchat and much bla bla bla...

The whole group I've travelled with....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Special Woman...

Sister Lilly is a great woman. Shes marvelous in many ways. Her patience, good heart and most of all Christ-like character she got.
I could sum up alot of things about her but it seems that this blog is not even enough to describe her. Shes a good soul to be closed with. and I am so glad that I met her and became a part of my life. She left Sweden for good but somehow have plans of coming back for visits. Anyways, we will miss you Mama Lilly. I wish I came from your womb, a loving soul and warm heart. You have touched my entire family and specially me. all through this years we have been together, despite we were not so close, I felt that you cared a lot for me and my family. I am grateful. I have felt your embrace, so great that I never had that feeling from my real mother. In my heart you stay and hopefully to see you once again. I treasure your love from God. And I thank God GAVE ME YOU....
I love you with the love of the Lord.....

Sister Lilly and my daughter Vanessa

Grillparty at Sister Lilly's place...
Irish and Sister Lilly, Me and Little Vanessa

That Wonderful Woman...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Eurovision Favorites..

 Emmelie - Only teardrops

Interval Act of Swedish Culture..
From the past and present..
Host singer: GIna Dirawi

Interval Act - Loreen

Interval Act - Agnes and Darin

Margaret Berger - I feed You My Love

Zlata Ognevich - Gravity

Eurovision 2013
Northern lights Interval Acts

These are my favorites among all the songs and program intervals in the 2013
Eurovision Contest...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Graces to You God....

And who would care when Im broken, 
these people around me are temporary. 
My supplications you have seen,
these things around me doesnt last.
But you Oh God is forever living. 
Your mighty and grace will preserves me 
and lift me from my sin. 
People predict future 
Their words were not so sure.
Living life in pain and sorrow
illness that have no cure.
And I lift my hands in praises 
As I look upon your grace.
This evil creep for my soul
Ate me up till I crawl.
And I stand before thee
Bare hands and dirty soul
Yet you let your blood wash me
And took me to your throne.
You saved me from my sins
And you took away my shame.
And who am I to question you?
God of all the earth..
This ground under my feet
The footstool of your holiness.
So I stand before thee
with my hands up high..
Praises I give thee
With my heart open wide.
Graces to you Lord
The Father of all the earth..


Saturday, February 2, 2013

My very days...

Im stuck again in these winter season with chores in school works, home chores and activites with family, bonding with friends.
Ive got nothing more to say I guess but to cherish each day a better day to come,
new things have learned and by the days to come I might have learned something
or not hahahha..
Here I am again like from the last year..I have published the Eurovision...these is the  Swedish Melody festival contributions and the winner will gonna take place as a contestant in EUROVISION 2013.
Anyways.,..Enjoying here in the couch watching the SWEDISH MELODY FESTIVAL.
Here are my chosen songs...

David Lindgren - Skyline

Cookies and Beans - Burning flags
- Close your eyes and see my burning flag....

Mary N Diaye - Gosa
this means cuddle...

Eric Gadd - Vi kommer aldrig att förlora
We will never gonna loose

Yohio - Heartbreak Hotel
A swedish artist popular in japan

Anna Järvinen - Porslin
Porselaine - shes singing about her grandma.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Never too Late

My new song. I have learned to play the piano.and I am the owner of this song. I wrote it simply...
Its about two people who met in the wrong time..looking if there would be chances to fall in love again.
Despite she have another, she wishes to have him and the guy is wanting her and thinking its never too late...


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


When my silence arise, 
life can't give no more surprise. 
They say life is adventure 
but why is mine hard to capture?
Am I a captive of my ownself, 
by which beloved carved me irony?
Coz my silence had been so long,
 paranoid is likely born
And my silence can kill
Sometimes it makes me ill..

So where would u keep me in ur heart?
Is it in the corner where I can smite so fast?

Or will you hold me steadfast
while you raise me with ur love...
Yes, my silence is my tragedy
My tears are hidden in me
Responsible is mine solely
While I strive defensively..
My silence is my only shield
To make a margin of myself
Coz when u get near
My mind is in fear.....
I might be defensive..
I might be offensive..,
So keep the silence between us
By then we build our trust
By then we can be friends
Despite of my sounding silence....



You can not judge me, not even see my sincerity 
unless you will know me. 
You cannot love me, 
Unless you meet my heart..
You cant hear me, nor see me laugh
unless you come nearer,
You can't draw my agony
unless you come closer..
So beware to come around
 coz im more vulnerable than you thought..
I am harmless 
A heart of innocence
Love me through the best In Me
And I'll walk with you willingly ...

This lyrics is dedicated to my Loved ones and friends..
Im working more on this song... :)
All thanks to the Lord My God.