Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Swedish Melody festival 2012

My favorite music of these year. 
I would like to share to you these following videos:

Amazing - Danny Saucedo

These one is a rockabilly type of music.
Its kinda good. try to watch and listen.

Baby Doll - Top Cats

And last of all.. The winner of the Melody Festival 2012..
These means, she will be the contestant for the 
Eurovision 2012 in Baku, Azerbadjan. 

Euphoria - Noreen

Now...i hope you have enjoyed my latests---
till next time again folks...

 :) hugs >('',)<

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lucky day.... ♥♥♥ ☺ ☺ ☺

This place is near to a church where i got lucky today.
Early in the morning i rushed to the school department to help me fix some papers regarding on my coming studies. And all papers were on my converse folder... :) Gosh i like it so much...
And...when i I reached this place to meet a friend, I didn't notice that I lost my folder!
I was quiet worried bout the papers but not that totally worried at all... And then.....
I just kept myself pray....pray..... saying '' God please lead a person to find my folder and whisper her to call me right now... Oh Lord..please right now..'' not noticing that I am actually telling God to do it for me then I just keep looking up above the sky, not really coz the clouds are on my sight hahaha...
Suddenly...!!!! RIIIINNGGGG!!!!! oh my gosh the phone...
it was an unknown number and she said on the other line '' hello? is this Lundgren?'' then i answered ''yes its me. what is it about?'' She said '' I am Siv and I have found your folders and found out your name and phone number. would you like to meet?'' I said '' Oh God is so great, I was just praying for while and then you called..'' Siv said ''Yes then your prayers answered.''
Then we meet on these place where i lost the paper unnoticed , I told her how I was blessed that shes there and paper was found. Shes an old lady and seem to be kind and sweet... We hugged and said goodbye. Well, that was cool somehow... I will always remember her...shes sooooo goood... hehehe