Sunday, February 19, 2012

the Philippine vacation isn't over yet. I am uploading more pictures for my family and friends. My relatiives abroad and internet is our only communication.
Jing, Baby, me and my husband and little vanessa

Cyruz and vanessa enjoying the salt water

Sunset in Hasse's house

one of the pic the kids bday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The philippine vacation

 I took some pictures from Agoo La Union in october 2011. i found these places fascinating. they were build in the 1950s in the year of the spanish colonies in Philippines,

My cousin Myra with her husband Allen and my brother in the back..

My nephew and my brothah..

my brother and our childhood friend Albert.

Have you tried this? hahaha my son is bathing in a hink!

The sand castles are old..these ones new hahah

My cousin Jen

My brother, cousin and relatives

a sexy pose of my cousin and sister

Angel and Cyruz best photoshoot!

The beach in the morning!!

Today, I sat down infront of the computer and edited all the pics i have when we where in Philippines. So, Here are those pics and hope that you would like them.. pictures taken in La union Philippines. at leomar beach.

My two brothers and sister in law. just havin fun ey!!

thats Robin..Enjoying sand bath


thats My father and my son. Learning to swim.

Oh...well those happy days with them are over..and they just keep me smiling each time i see those pics. how id love love love... to be with them again...  Maybe later..I will be back to philippines...then...I will be spending more time to be with my family again... :) 

The Macho temple with Jens Family.

My friend Jen who have been so understandable

Jens Brother in law.

The giant at Macho temple

Jens bestfriend Jean. Their names sounds similar :)  quiet funny

The Macho Temple in San fernando, La union Philippines

Here are some of the pictures I took in San fernando La union Philippines. I stayed there  in 2011 of march and I was really amazed in these chinese temple.
I will be returning there and would like to discover more on that place. Coz the last time we where there, some are praying so we couldnt get in. 
I enjoyed being with my friend Jen. actually, it was our first time to meet. Missing her much after the first meet... you hear more later about us folks..