Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sewing my coat and A dress...

I have been fascinated in Red Riding hood Coat and always wishing to have one. And yesterday, I saw a fine clothing in the tailoring shop I use to go to. It was color black though, not the one I was thinking but I bought it somehow and thought I will sew it for a try. I sat for five hours infront of the sewing machine just to finish it... and Voila!!! I have one now..It is not complete though I got the first step... Soon I will just have to find a Red clothing to make one coat for me...and I will be soaring the woods too hehehhe..
The Cloth I bought and some accesories with it.

The coat is done!!!

The two things I have sewn... Proud hahahha..

In september month..I sew a dress for me and my daughter... I was actually thinking of a fitted
dress but I ended up with a soft cloth I bought in a tailoring shop. I suppose to measure the dress in the store but I wasn't able to do that, so I measured myself and there were some left overs of the cloth and I ended up to make one dress and a shirt for my daughter. Well it looks like these,...
The Summer dress I sew in month of September.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas essence..

Merry Christmas to everyone who pass by to my blog.
And I hope that you had a wonderful celebration with your family
and friends.
But what is Christmas?
What is the traditional Christmas?

Christmas - known in the old english as Cristesmaesse. A Christ's Mass. An annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration is centerly feast to the christian liturgical year, it closes the advent and initiates the twelve days of Christmastide.
CHRISTMAS IS A CIVIL HOLIDAY, celebrated by many people in the world.

The original birth of Jesus is known to be between 7 and 2 BC according to the histiorians, but it is unknown. The Western Christian Church placed the birth in December 25 which is adopted to be the traditional day of celebrating Christmas.

So.. I remember when I was still young. My family had its own way of celöebrating the Christmas. The family gathers and the table is full of different foods. The whole house smells like food factory.
I would admit that it was really better than today. Evrybody is gathering from afar and sharing stories about Christmas or just some fairytales. In my country Philippines, they use to dance or exchange gifts. It must not be that expensive but I guess that exchange gift is not actually a willingly gift to give. Give a gift to those who dont have. But anyways, thats the tradition I guess we have adopted from the americans.

Celebrating Christmas is not about gift. Its about celebrating the memory of the Lord Jesus Christ. How do you celebrate his birthday? In these modern days, we got so busy by thinking of what kind of gift we will give to our children, to our family and friends. We got so busy of ''what gift is it that I will get from them''.  Jesus was born, and have sacrificed his life for us. Some might say, 'it is his fault, I never wanted to be a part of it, it was his decision' It was not even his decision. It was the father's decision. Remembering from the Genesis about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. When they have sinned, people have lost contact with the Lord. So God was far from us then. And because he loved his creation, he have decided to send his ONLY SON Jesus to save us. Through him, we got the power back to speak to God, to talk to him, to ask what we want, to guide us in our ways. And have you ever think of when we do something wrong by our parents, they scold us directly. But when we do something wrong imorally, we dont get punishment, but we feel our heartbeat fast, our conscience is calling back and think that God dont punish us right away. Because he said 'JUDGEMENT DAY'.
 And Jesus came to us, it is his birthday. it is not about giving your child an IPAD, IPOD, IPHONE, LAPTOP, or material things. Its not wrong to give gifts. But the essence of Christmas is about LOVE, FAMILY, BOND to the Lord.
Have you ever thought of what gift does the Lord want from you?
 Your life? your heart? your mind? your mouth?
He gave us life. what if one day, he will just take our our life just in one click and you doesn't even had time to explain yet and do what you wish to do.
Think that Christmas is about family ties, love to Jesus and in his memory we have freewill to speak with him no matter what we did, what we do, what we have and what we have, and what we have done. He does not come to convict us. He came with love and support to save our soul because our human flesh is demanding to be dipped into sin.

I hope that this helps you to reflect somehow.
Once again.. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone of you..!!!

Vanessa infront of the Gingerbread house
A Christmas party celebrated in their Nursery school.

The Gingerbread boy and the Elf girl.

Gingerbread boy celebrating Christmas party in the preparatory school

The Christmas tree in Sesam Gallerian in the town of Jönköping.
Beautiful isn't it?

Gift opening in 24th of december.

Our Christmas tree with its Candy canes...

Along with his gifts from Papa and Mama, Heiel family.

Along with her gifts from Papa and Mama, Heiel family and Sis Lily.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Bestfriend.......... Sweden Connection

In my five years living in Sweden, I have never had someone to be called the closest one... I mean a bestfriend... of course I have one but shes in Philippines....
Now..., I am about to tell you about my Girl I knew. We met in a bible study and at first, we doubt at each other and unsure to what we would say.. I smile and she smile in return. Oh it was in the year of 2011 somewhere in December. We were just two person with different backgrounds...
Two people who have alot of dreams and desires in life...
She is good at heart..most silently and eagerly determined to what she want.. She is a person full of life and seriousness...honestly I always break the silence between us...coz I am more humorous and full of things in mind that I just let go and it make us laugh together.. Im glad I've met her...I've seen her truthfullness as a friend and I am looking forward to grow old having same friend like her...
And together, We could look forward and backwards to think life and accept it as it is...
like we use to say...'' oh yeah my friend, let it be....time will come for us...and we'll see what we can..''
And I could say that she is amazing each day.. Since we met, there were things I have learned to speak with her, things that I know she would understand and things from her experience I can understand. I dedicate this for her...and to her... THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE, MY DAILY AND A CLOSE ONE TO MY HEART....
FOR YOU: Irish Suralta.....
Basta't Maghintay Ka Lamang - Ted Ito


You're My Bestfriend - Queen


My Bestfriend... Philippine Connection


I have met a wonderful person in my life. I met her in the year of 2002.. I have friend Michelle then.. Shes wonderful, shes more than a friend to me But this woman I met was further greater than Michelle. If I could describe Michelle, she is a childish person, not matured and always hanging around me...When I met this wonderful woman, I found her amazing..She was just like a sister.. There were times she had lived with us in our little Hut...Our house is enough for a 30square meter and all of us sleep on the floor..except my father got a bed..hahah.. he is the King though...
Anyway...Jeannette is a beautiful person, she showed me how to be a woman. I have learned to apply my make up correctly, to line my eyes with eyeliner properly and wear my dress decently... She showed me the beauty of having Red lipistick...And I just loved her now and then..
Both of us have different storied behind, Stories that we kept ourselves.. Me and Jeannette spend time together alot.. We have good and bad memories.. We were together is Pangasinan, where we bath in a lake and we have our boyfriends together.. We bath and embarassing was when i took myself up the water, my bra went down...hahah And she laughed like never before, I was then embarassed but her encouragement made me feel confident to take back my bra and I didnt feel ashame.. I can spell myself  that I was a quiet person, Shy, Funny but more reserved from people.. And she was there, teaching me to be confident and stand despite of the embarassment.. And yes.. shes wonderful. The other moment was when we were together with her close guy friend who was chasing me all the time at work...he wanted me to be the girlfriend but because I dont want him so he standed on the rails of the overpass or we say footbridge and wanted to jump from there... He was so dominant but I wasnt interested...
my other memory of her was when we met Wendell...those moment of high and low day and night...smoking cigarettes and the beers and falling in the canals while was amazing when I reminisce those moments with her.. And this Note I write..I dedicate to her... She will always be part of my life now and forever.. I love her with all my heart, memories have kept in my heart sealed.. I pray for her wellness, for her happiness... ( I wish she will receive the gift of God soon...A child..) She is happily married to Cons...A wonderful man... Our co-worker in the laundry shop of a middle age woman Cora... Cons and Janet are happily married and living in the sidehills of Baguio City, Philippines.
I love her...only if she know... I cherish her from the depth of my heart and I am sincere with it...
Now we're parted caused by our natural changes, Marriages, Family, I am living in Sweden and shes in Philippines... Shes still the bestfriend I have known.
Last but not the least...
our theme:


The Northpole Weather

Five years ago, I found the snow to be more fantastic and amazing.. I mean right now as I have been asked by people, I still find the snow cozy and cool..I am amazed how it was build by the small molecules and crystalline water ice.. It is amazing that the heaven sent us this wonderful snow..If only our eyes can see them by details and know they will be loved... and yet in the perspective of humans eyes..its just snow..a snowfall from the sky that indicates cold weather and frozen cheeks in winter time...
Snow are romantic,its not the same as opeing the freezer and staring at the flakes there....its funny though but the snow outside in when the winter is home....I find it very amazing thing that nature can offer..despite its tiny size.... Now I am gonna share the some pictures I have taken this month of December in Jönköping Sweden....
How can I ever hate the winter at same time I love the snow...reminding me of Snow white... ;)
The first day of Snow at 3 December 2012

My Picture in the Buss station..Waiting for the bus in about 5 minutes..With my 2.5kg clothes on plus a bag with bunch of books...Thats winter life...

The youth from schools selling the traditonal Saffron Buns for Christmas

The City with at 16:30pm

Lovely snow on the Cherry tree...It made the Cherry tree whole Naked and Freezing lol

The Snow Flakes I caught in my Gloves....Shiverrrr

Seasonal Emotions

As the weather change by peak seasons, so as we.. I am an ordinary woman that is so amazed by the things the world has to offer.. Small details that caught my eyes and left my hear ponder over things in life...Phsycologically, I might be living in this troubled world, my environment changes..people I know change despite the promise they left they wouldn't.
I sat in bench in the library many times just staring at the ceiling and could not disinguish the images that my brain figures and sets like hallucinations... I've felt speaking with my own with all the wonders i have in my mind..
And turned me on...My innermost self wanted to communicate with me... Experiences, my traumas in life had really affected my well-being nowadays.. I might have not seen it coz I was so busy with my chores...But as I sat there in the bench, I've felt them...And it was breaking to look at yourself in the mirror..imagining that things have changed...and still the things you wished for not yet accomplished... I have the thinking what is the purpose why we here? Questions are forever...
and they always havent been answered even by those most Philosophers..
A list below shows the things I always got in my mind...On this things below, I might have some of them..some were hard to accomplish while some must have to strive for..

Things all human want to have:
Success in relationships,
Rank and Power,

Things all human dont want to have but a MUST:

I think we all have things we wanted to have but all in all...we just wanted to have fun and actually we dont want to take the responsibility and the failure..
Now its up to you to figure yourselves out...