Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CNN and H&M established in Philippines

I have a big reaction when I saw on my faebook wall posted by a friend regarding the CNN and H&M established in Philippines recently.
It awaked some part of my body that I am not really into know..? maybe a little bit of vigilante...?

Link: Economy of The Philippines - Welcome H&M and CNN !!!

MY friends quote was:
#Philippines is really Changing..

In regarding this article...I thank you Miss Maila Rose Sengson for being a part of my blog article for the day...

and ''changing'' word made my blood arise..well maybe my flesh mind came up with many things... so we exchanged comments in between:

‪#‎Philippines‬ is really changing!!! 
TWO events occurred very recently that clearly showed how the Philippines has changed, and will continue to change, for the better in the future. But first, a brief digression: Several months ago, ...
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  • Karla Rochelle Fäldt that is a big uprising of the economy of the country..but lets ask how will it affect the indigenous families and individuals..not all can afford that and not all have a job..not all have a good salary..this two major companies is just a front for the stock market and economic uprising...lets see what the government will provide even to those whom have been struggling to have a job... hopefully they will remove the college policy for applications of saleslady and janitorial jobs..
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  • Maila Rose Sengson Tama ka, pero I will disagree bout these 2 companies being just a front for the stock market. Dahil they will never invest in Ph if they don't see any opportunity and changes. CNN won't ruin its credibility worldwide just like that. They see potential in our human capital and are investing on it. The taxes these companies will pay will surely help our nation if they'll adhere to a clear and transparent method of distributing it to the good of the people either by social welfare and infrastructures. Hindi sa mga magnanakaw na opisyal! Sana lang tlg, di tayo magaya sa China na malaki ang disparity sa mayayaman at mahihirap. In this sense, sana tularan naten ang Sweden at Finland na egalitarian. Dapat naten ipromote yun Karla db?
  • Karla Rochelle Fäldt yes its good for promoting international companies for the credibility of our Nation..thats right..but in the economic rising of the Philippines, we cannot deny that the two large companies are a front.That is almost like a commercial bilboard next to philippine slogan...if you know what I order to manage a nations country is to hold on its economic the opening of HM they have Rachelle Ann Go..whats behind her? she have an international history in music, and what does music does? it has fashion, it has covered televesions and it has a language to the people. RAchelle Ann Go is also a key to the uprising economy, but...we are just talking about the mid and leveled living society. in my studies in regarding marketing and business with politics, I have learned that all of this have an effect to the people. the big companies represents the nation of course, welcoming new investors and new livelihood for people..but none had been representing or rearranging the living ''reality'' of the indiginous people. do you think that the salary 100 per day which is 3000pesos every month can change the routine of a family who have three children? budget their money they have to buy in a store that accomodate their budget.. we can promote our nations interests yes..that is a most propaganda...but the inner living is still rotten...i mean thats reality..investment is good by teaching the children on population control and maybe an education that dont allow teachers to be a sales person inside the classroom..books that are not so expensive and that the government maybe should provide food in the promoting the NATIONS economy, and promoting the childrens future is the best investment they could ever do..and specially to start an adult schooling for every villages which is supposed to be OBLIGATORY so that no one in our country is ignorant or lack of knowledge..because I have come across the internet and books in regarding economy in different countries..the investors and investments, the advertisements, stock markets and politics and celebrities..they all have the key...but they are more focused in fame and glory...and most is for the NATIONS INTERESTS...not for the PEOPLE OR CITIZENS... thats what I beieve though..
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